Sunday, March 26, 2017

Teamviewer help me alot fixing problem remotely

Fall in love with Teamviewer

Since I knew teamviewer several years ago, I rarely use other remote control software to help me troubleshoot problem remotely.
Teamviewer has proven itself very effective tool to control other computer as long as they are connected to the internet. Although target computer behind firewall teamviewer software still able to work perfectly with no serious connection problem as long as we can browsing the internet.

Remote control other computer

Our computer and target computer must running teamviewer. Each computer will received their own session ID and password when ready to make connection.
When we need to remote control other computer we need to know their session ID and password, this way the communication still secure because other computer cannot just connect to other computer without user permission. Session ID and password are generated automatically by teamviewer and it changed every time we have new session.

Unattended mode for computer without user

Unattended mode allowing us to make permanent password for target computer. Permanent password needed when we will remote access to the computer without user. As long as the remote computer never turn off, the session ID remain the same, even sometime I found the session ID remain the same after the computer restarted. So this is perfect for computer without user like server.

Teamviewer VPN

Teamviewer has many great function, among them are teamviewer VPN where we can make other computer as VPN server and make our computer as VPN client. VPN is secure communication between/among computer using internet as the medium.
Without VPN we have to build end to end connection between city/countries that will cost us a lot of money.

VPN without teamviewer

We can create our own VPN infrastructure but it will expensive because we have to build our own security system.  By using teamviewer VPN, they provides all the infrastucture for us to be used.
No expensive router or firewall.

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